Black Snake Kevlar Tow/Recovery Strop

Use the ultra high strength, light weight and low stretch advantages of the Kelvar® Black Snakes to recover all your large mining and industrial gear. Black Snakes are an ideal substitute for heavy and unwieldy chains and wire rope recovery equipment.

The low stretch and recoil during the recovery / tow makes the Black Snake safe to use.
The rubberized outer cover protects the load fibres from the elements and is more durable than most fibre ropes, synthetic webbing straps or round slings. Steel eyes maintain the integrity and strength of the fibres when used in conjunction with shackle pins.

Black Snake is proudly manufactured in Australia. 30-300 tonne for a wide range of applications Kevlar® load fibres offer very low stretch (4%) Abrasion/cut resistant rubber protects the Kevlar from the elements and keeps out oil, water, mud and dust

Specially designed steel eyes suit attachment to shackle pins, hitch pins, and G Type couplings. Special end fittings or steel thimbles can also be fitted according to customer requirements

  • Lengths available from 1 metre to 20 metres
  • Break Strength is clearly marked on each Black Snake
  • Individual serial numbers provide traceability

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